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Baorong Huang

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Looking for a junior Web developer / Front End developer job.

I have 1 year experience in developing interactive and dynamic web apps using React + Node.



πŸ“žPhone: +86 18002260090

πŸ”—Personal Site:

Work Experience​

Front End Developer Intern​

🏒Company: Tencent Cloud. πŸ“Shenzhen, China

πŸ“…May 2021 - February 2022

Developed and maintained up to 6 web app/pages. Some of them are listed below.

  1. Tencent Cloud Management Console | πŸ”—

    • Migrate some existing jQuery code to React.js + TypeScript.
    • Refactor some long & complex React Components (handling too many conditions) by utilizing hooks.
    • Create tabs for visualizing data usage & network traffic in the dashboard.
  1. Tencent Cloud RT-Cube Product Order Page | πŸ”—

    • Allow users to purchase CSS and VOD packages all in one place (integrated a "Purchase SDK" into the app).
    • Implement a πŸ›’<ShopCart /> component using the useReducer hook.
  1. Video & Audio Product Showcase Page | πŸ”—

    Tech Used: βš›οΈReact + CloudBase (Firebase Alternative).

    • Front End: consist of 2 pages

      1. Event Page: An interactive and dynamic promotion page that brought high traffic & page views. And attract many visitors to purchase the PasS products within the page.
      2. Admin Page (protected): A dashboard that allows marketing team to configure the content of the event page, and analyze user behavior.
    • Back End: Serverless architecture

      1. Cloud Function: Used for authenticate users.
      2. Cloud Storage: Used for storing static assets. Such as videos, icons, and images.
      3. Cloud Database: Used for "CRUD" page content. And keep track of user behavior stats. Row Level Security is applied to ensure that only admin can modify page content.
  1. Xbright Experience Platform | πŸ”—
    • Allow user to upload videos to Object Storage and initiate a transcoding task in the cloud to generate a new video with better image quality and lower bitrate.
    • Allow user to compare the raw video and the transcoded video side by side.
    • Use virtualized list library to display the video list for better performance.
    • Internationalization. Use i18n to support both English and Chinese language.

Personal Projects​

Toutiao Clone | πŸ”—​

Use React + Material UI + Redux-toolkit to build a responsive web app that imitates

  • Material UI Grid is used for making the app responsive.
  • Puppeteer is used to crawl the latest news data.
  • Dockerized the React front end and Express backend. And use Github Actions to build a CI/CD pipeline. Automate the process of building the docker image and deploying to the server.


Bachelor of Information Technology, Queensland University of Technology.

πŸ“…February 2019 - September 2022

GPA: 6.667 out of 7

Honors & Awards​

  • Dean's List of Students with Excellence Academic Performance - Semester 1, 2022 (achieved GPA 6.8).
  • Dean's List of Students with Excellence Academic Performance - Semester 1, 2021 (achieved GPA 6.75).
  • Dean's List of Students with Excellence Academic Performance - Semester 2, 2020 (achieved GPA 7).