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Turn a Tablet Into a Secondary Monitor

· 2 min read
Xiaohai Huang

This blog shows how to turn a tablet into a secondary monitor in just 2 steps.

Here is what the final result would look like.

Final result

Step 1: Activate a Secondary Display

Create a virtual monitor.

Download the virtual display driver from

Use CMD to execute the following commands to create a virtual display. Note: Run as Administrator.

install the virtual display driver
deviceinstaller64 install usbmmidd.inf usbmmidd
activate a virtual monitor
deviceinstaller64 enableidd 1
deactivate a virtual monitor
deviceinstaller64 enableidd 0

At this point, we should be able to see the secondary monitor that appears in the Display Settings.

Screenshot shows the secondary monitor exists in Display Settings


To completely remove the drivers from your system, run the following commands.

remove the driver
deviceinstaller64 stop usbmmidd
deviceinstaller64 remove usbmmid

Step2: Share the Secondary Display

In this step I will show you how to use WebRTC enabled web app to share the screen.

Navigate to this website

  • Tablet goes the the Slave page.
  • PC goes to the Master page.

In the Master page, click the "share screen" button and share your secondary display.

Screenshot shows how to share the screen