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How to Setup a OpenVPN Server?

· One min read
Xiaohai Huang

Just a simple command

docker run -itd --restart always --cap-add=NET_ADMIN \
-p 1194:1194/udp -p 7070:8080/tcp \
-e HOST_ADDR=$(curl -s \
-v openvpn_conf:/opt/Dockovpn_data \
--name dockovpn alekslitvinenk/openvpn

Then download the config file from the http://<public-ip>:7070 and then import the config file (client.ovpn) to the vpn client.


How to Backup VPN Data

The VPN container uses named volume to store configuration data. So we can use the volume-backup utility to backup data.

  1. Backup. The following command will store the vpn data in "$(pwd)/vpn_config_data.tar.bz2".
docker run -v openvpn_conf:/volume \
-v $(pwd):/backup --rm \
loomchild/volume-backup backup vpn_config_data.tar.bz2
  1. Restore. The following command will use "$(pwd)/vpn_config_data.tar.bz2" to populate and override the volume named openvpn_conf.
docker run -v openvpn_conf:/volume \
-v $(pwd):/backup --rm \
loomchild/volume-backup restore -f vpn_config_data # without extension