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· 14 min read
Xiaohai Huang

This study plan is for those who want to prepare for technical interviews but are uncertain which problems they should focus on. The problems have been carefully curated so that levels 1 and 2 will guide beginner and intermediate users through problems that cover the data structures and algorithms necessary to succeed in interviews with most mid-tier companies. While level 3 provides material to help users whose targets are top-tier companies. -- LeetCode

· One min read
Xiaohai Huang
  1. Browser cache. - cookie.
  2. Breadth-First Traversal and Depth First Traversal.
  3. script tag. async and defer.
  4. React Hook
var obj = {
a: 1,
foo: function (b) {
b = b || this.a;
return function (c) {

var a = 2;
var obj2 = { a: 3 };, 1);;

· 2 min read
Xiaohai Huang

When we are discussing about my projects. The interviewer asked the following questions:

  1. How do you achieve infinite play effect in a carousel?
  2. Use JS to achieve #id's scroll to element effect.
  3. CSS animation.

After done talking my projects, I was asked a few questions about Promise, linked list, and heap sort, insertion sort.

· One min read
Xiaohai Huang

git stash with a stash name.

git stash push -m "stash_name"

stash untracked files

git stash push -u -m "stash_name"
git stash push --include-untracked -m "stash_name"